Pods & Groups

Newest Info on pods & groups:

Please use the normal class link and passcode for your Thursday pod. Sign in 5 minutes EARLY. Do not be late to your pod day. Be prepared to discuss the blog post and have a discussion.

Your TA assigned you to THREE (3) pods – please make a note of the days.

Group Discussion for blog #1 will open on blackboard Sept 3rd and end on September 10th.

Blog #2 will open sometime after and continue throughout the semester.

Your TA will send a reminder for the first few but then stop.

Almost every Thursday there will be 2 pods with about 15 students per pod. 

Pod A: 11:00-11:30

Pod B: 11:40-12:10

In the pod – the students & professor (that’s me) will meet and discuss that week’s blog topic. 

You will be assessed on contribution, participation, attendance, and other factors.

If you are not in a pod that week – see below regarding group discussions.

Every student will be randomly assigned 3 pods by their TA. Your TA will send you the information after the first class. 

You may join more than the minimum required pods but only with permission.

Group Discussions:

During the POD times (Thursdays 11-12:15pm) you will engage in the group discussion hosted on blackboard.  Your job is to really have a conversation about the issue/blog not just post and move on. The more conversation, the more interaction—the better for your grade.

The group discussion is open from Tuesday after class till the following Monday. 


Example: Blog due on Thursday, the group discussion will be opened from Tuesday 12:15pm till  the following Monday 9:00am

Option: You can use the Thursday 11:00-12:15pm time to get ahead of work and contribute at a later day/time or contribute any other time before the group closes. 

Those who were in the weekly pod are more than welcomed to comment on the group’s commentary that week but are not required.

What is a Pod?

  • A pod group of about 15 students (few students from each TA merging) 
  • Will meet with the professor on Thursdays from 11:00-11:30 or 11:40-12:10pm 
  • You will attend 3 throughout the semester
  • The work will be read on that week’s blog post. 
  • Participation, & Preparedness is paramount/required during the pod. 
  • Switching is ONLY allowed with Professor’s permission. 

How do I get into a Pod?

  • Pods will be determined beforehand – you will be emailed a list after the first class.
  • If you are not placed in a pod – contact Micah – msanderta@gmail.com

What to do if you’re not in a Pod?

  • During the pod class time, you will engage in a group discussion that is hosted on blackboard under discussion.
  • Please do not just post and not have a real conversation with your classmates.
  • All group discussions will be opened from Tuesday after class (12:15pm) till the following Monday (9:00am)
  • You can comment anytime from Tuesday till Monday. 
  • You can use our Thursday class time to read, listen, watch or comment on 1165. 
  • *Extra credit to attend another pod as long as you’re involved. *

How am I graded on the pod and group discussion?

  • Professor will assess your grade based on the work you do.
    • Are you active? Or inactive?
    • Did you do the work? Contribute in a meaningful way?
    • Have you brought something to the pod?
  • Pod Points for overall class grade: 25 points/8ish points per pod
  • Group Points for overall grade: 15 points/cumulative