Blog # 6 – Jagged Little Pill

Quick Thought: 1995 Alanis Morrissette releases “Jagged Little Pill” and is one of “those albums” that people talk about years later, and now you will too! Selling over 33 million copies, six single placing on the billboard charts, and cementing ‘alternative rock’ at the forefront of music. Yes, Nirvana and Pearl Jam but this was different. It’s also one of the most important female albums of all time.

25 years later and similar to the twins discovering new music – it’s time for you to discover new music. Also, it was a Broadway musical which is kinda crazy.


Album Access: It’s EVERYWHERE, you can figure it out.

Special Option: **Can do a video post on the album** – just get permission from TA first.

If you know the album – that’s fine too. You can explore different elements.

Some required stuff and help:

You’ll work with this album for the week (or more)

Judge a book by its cover – write down some thoughts BEFORE you listen

First pass – JUST listen to the entire album – that’s a thing we used to do!

Second pass – start to take some notes.

Third pass – start to really form some thoughts on the album

Check out the music videos – that’s ALSO a thing we used to do!

Do some research and use sources! There’s a SLEW of articles because this summer the album was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Take a read/watch/listen to some of it. There’s some amazing information.

Possible Prompts:

You can approach this as a critical review.

If you have a background in music – you can approach it that way as well.

What about the album as a whole? Did you like? Love? Hate? Give me a WHY.


Any favorite/least favorite songs? Why?

Look up the lyrics – were they what you expected? Did they change the meaning?

But also a review and give some reactions… be honest… if you loved it — try to figure out why. If you hated it — why.

You can compare and contrast the album to others.

The only unacceptable answer is: I don’t like/listen to this kind of music.

I don’t like this kind of music yet I didn’t like Taylor Swift’s music until this last album so there goes that theory.

Word Count:

Minimum – 750+ words because you’re going to need it.

Extra Credit: Really go to town on the album, and extend the work. I will consider extra credit for it.