Blog #4 – All in Favor/Webseries

Quick Thought: TREM’s original tv show All in Favor is a spin-off of our webseries, Unproductive and I am proud to present this pilot episode to you.

The “Unproductive” course structure takes TREM students beginning in January and then the spring semester where we write, create the season, and do a whole chunk of re-writing. The script is then shot by TREM students with Brooklyn College actors in the summer, and then edited by TREM students in the fall with a release a few months later.

All in Favor was set to premiere on campus in March but COVID moved it online and now is live on youtube.

The pilot episode (a second one was partially shot before the shutdown) continued in the same ‘Unproductive vein’ by taking on difficult issues and forcing the students to come to terms with what this world is and where it is going.

Written, directed, shot, and edited by TREM students, All in Favor is some of our best work to date.


The show will premiere online on September 29th in the evening.


Link to follow:


This show is from the students – I do not want opinions on the camera shots, sound, acting or anything like that. Focus on the content and the debate at hand.

Using the episode – explore what you want here.

Where do you come out on – are you Team Billie or Team Matt?

I want you to engage with the content and respond to it. I also don’t want to put too much here so you’re not spoiled.

Use the previous posts and links to explore the episode.

Word Count: 500+ words

Extra Credit:

You can watch Unproductive Seasons 1-4 on youtube