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Blog #1 – Everyone Should Have a Voice

Quick Thought: Over the past few years, the notion of freedom of speech and freedom to voice your opinion online has become a never-ending debate. My thoughts have evolved over the years and it’s something I deal with every single day.

Should everyone be allowed to have a voice on the internet.

There’s no right answer and every answer is fraught with problems. For every good thought, there’s the counter—such is life.

This blog post is agreeing or disagreeing with one statement:

Everyone should be allowed to have a voice on the internet.



Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why do you agree or disagree? Give one (or more) positive example of how voices on the internet have helped. Think of at least one negative example?

Then read these articles & videos, then go back to what you wrote and further expand on your answer.

You must use/reference the videos/articles.

Word Count: 500-1000