Blog #2: Facebook

Quick Thought: Facebook.… it has a significant cultural impact and still continues to — regardless of whether or not you use the site. If you didn’t know, FB also owns INSTAGRAM + WHATSAPP so you’re probably connected to them in some way.

Facebook has changed throughout the years – first hailed as a break through in everything, now… well… maybe something breaking everything.


Using at least one of your own sources including the text plus these articles:


Write whether or not Facebook has been good for the world or not.

Is it “good” or “bad” – I’ll let you define that. Why did you define it as such?

Expand on your answers… you can look to the 15 influencers and agree or disagree with them. Regardless, expand on your answers and the statements given. Always give the WHY. Just don’t take their thoughts and write “yes, I agree.”

Has your opinion changed about the social media giant over the years? Mine certainly has.

Add anything else you would like… more sources? More prompts? Your choice.

Engage with your other post.

1000% DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLES. I’ve read them. I don’t need a summary.

Word Count:  750-1000 words