Blog Assignment Details

Blog Due: ANY time before 11:00am almost every Thursday beginning 9/3

Total 11 blogs, due throughout the semester

See Blog Topics for assignment.


  • TA will email you introducing you to the course.
  • The “Blog TA” will respond to your work for guidance. 
  • If you have not heard from your TA by dates designated, email your Blog TA & myself ASAP.

Requirements & Details:

  • Requirements must be followed on ALL blogs. 
  • Late posts will be accepted but will cost you 1 full grade drops— 
    • Example: A+ blog becomes B+ because of lateness. If you are late twice you receive an F for that post. Example: A+ becomes F. Three late posts and fail entire section= 30% of grade. 
  • Excessive lateness (5 days or more) on the post will result in a THREE-grade drop!
  • CHECK OVER YOUR WORK!! Grammar and Spelling count heavily! 
  • Do not make spelling mistakes. 

I understand this is a blog and not a formal paper but check over your work. Consistent errors will affect your grade. 


  • Very simple, if you get caught (which is easy to do) you will fail the entire 30% of the section. If you did it once, got away with it and got caught later – you will fail the class. DO NOT STEAL WORK! 
  • You will be caught and you will face the heaviest penalty possible! You will be brought up on academic fraud charges as well and removed from the school.


  • Visit and create your own blog.
    • If you have your own blog already, please create a new one for this course.
    • Please use this website – only for universality
      • Please do not use any other blog site. 
    • Design your blog, have fun with it. Put photos up, etc. Make it personal.
    • Please make sure there is an archive list easily accessible—Class work posts, Extra Credit & miscellaneous
  • Email response to your Blog TA with your blog address – direct links, no passwords.
  • Keep a copy of your blog entry in a word document as backup. 
    • Technology fails us- don’t let it fail you!
  • Please accept all comments and make sure they are posted on your blog. 
    • When I read them later I will look at the comments.
  • The TA will read the blogs and comment accordingly. The posts should get progressively better as you write them.
    • The TA will also help guide you through any issues and give suggestions to make the blog better.
    • Start a dialogue with the TA (and student(s)) and react to the questions asked and suggestions given.
    • Have fun while you do it—the TA is there to help.
    • The comments will be either in an email or on the blog.

Previous Blogs from Other Students:


  • USE THE REQUIRED WORK!!!!!!!! Don’t use it… F. 
  • Your personal reaction to EVERYTHING:
    • Read, Review, React & Research – Required!
      • Can be before, after or while viewing …. or reading or a combination.
      • Be a storyteller! Be personal! Be insightful! 
      • Background information (NO WIKIPEDIA) what you viewed. IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!! Cite your sources! DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!! 
      • Do not edit or change thoughts, reactions or ideas but do edit grammar, language and any other inappropriate materials!
        • Use the questions below to help guide you.
        • The more detailed blogs, the better your grade.
      • Research the work!

These questions are in no specific order: Try & answer as many as possible within all your posts! It will only help your grade.

  • Write down your expectations BEFORE assignment. “Judge the book by its cover.” Why you are expecting this or that, etc? Where did you get these expectations? Was it the title? 
  • What was the most challenging part? What was the least challenging? Maybe there wasn’t a challenge at all?
  • Did you like or dislike? What would you change? Was there a particular part that you connected with? Or didn’t? 
  • What other work did the material remind you of? Why? 
  • What was your favorite moment(s) from the work? 
  • Is there any particular underlying or recurring theme?
  • Make sure to hyperlink your sources. 
  • Do not be robotic about your answers. Always try to think—WHY. 
  • Finally, a majority of the above questions are guides and suggestions but I would consider research a REQUIREMENT. 
    • Read these before you start the work and get ideas on what you want to discuss during your blog. 
    • Utilize your thoughts and these questions to help make your blog fantastic! 
    • Do not ignore these questions!

Part II – Extra Credit

  • Any and all extra credit should be posted onto your blog. 
  • Extra credits are announced throughout the class and via email. You have a limit of 3 extra credit points. 
  • Some projects are worth 1, 2 or 3 points. If you have a 3-point extra credit assignment you cannot do anymore.
  • If you have too many absences — you will NOT be allowed to do extra credits.

Part III – How the blog score is reached:

Blog Rubric 1165

How the blog score is reached: 40 points

36-40/ 90 and above
Student did all the work, on time, no missing elements. Went above what was required and/or showed improvement throughout semester. Put in the effort that deserves an A in this section…

Student did most of the work with a few blemishes such as a missed post, lateness or missing required elements… the final post not being up to A standards. But did well.

Figure that one missed post = 2 points but more posts missed = more points off.

26-31/ 65-77
Student missed posts/elements/lateness/word count but did enough to pass but was average throughout the semester…

Below 26
Missed several posts, late, and barely did the required work. Final post may or may not have been done. Missed too many posts regardless of final post.