Final Blog #10 – Thursday, Dec 10th before 11:00am

Final Blog requirements:

Due on Thursday, December 10th before 11:00am

Word Count: 1000-1500 words

Required: Three or more sources. Do not exclusively use material I’ve given you– expand on your research.

I will be grading this blog and your TAs will have sent me an assessment by this time. You will receive feedback from me via email over the week with a number grade.


Option 1: Improve on a previous blog post. Do not just simply copy and paste. Use all the knowledge you’ve acquired during the semester and make a new or expanded argument.

Per example: If you believed all people should have a voice online, maybe make an argument against that — if you honestly have changed.


Include the link to the blog you’re improving upon.

Specify why you’re improving or doing this blog again — bake that into the post.

Option 2: Go it your own way.

Is there something you want to write about? Something you feel super passionate about?

Email me at with a fully formed idea, some sources, and explanation on why I should approve it. I’m less apt to go with this so please convince me in the email

Option #2 permission email due by: Tuesday, November 24th

That’s about it!

Looking forward to reading your work.

Professor Dunphy